The strategic plan for 2013-2017 is designed so that Avina and its allies will together generate large-scale changes that favor sustainable development and that will improve the quality of life for millions of Latin Americans. Avina must innovate constantly in order to remain relevant and achieve the impact we seek. One of these innovations is the creation of Tools and Services for Impact that will empower our activities in all of the impact opportunities in our portfolio.

The four Tools and Services for ImpactClimate Change, Social Progress Index, Impact Business and Technology for Social Change―have their own action teams and strategies, and will work closely with the Opportunities.  These teams will develop new lessons and partnerships in their areas of action, making global contacts, resources and know-how available to our allies.

The Tools and Services for Impact also play a critical role in terms of institutional innovation by collaborating with the Opportunities to identify new ideas and technologies that emerge on the ground, accelerate their development and expand their reach and application. At the same time, the Tools and Services for Impact develop—alongside Avina’s allies—innovative and efficient solutions to meet the demands and challenges identified by the Opportunities. Each one of these Tools and Services contributes to the impact of each Opportunity and to the entire portfolio.