VIVA Trust is an organization created by the founder of Avina and is the main source of funds managed by Fundación Avina. Since 2008, Avina has sought proactively to develop alliances for co-investment with other philanthropic organizations to increase the number and quality of resources available for the regional strategies it promotes jointly with its allies in Latin America. 


Social Investments in Latin America since 1994

  Argentina 28,111 811  
  Bolivia 7,380 216  
  Brazil 44,101 3,095  
  Chile 20,792 842  
  Colombia 3,383 340  
  Ecuador 5,865 363  
  Central America and Mexico 14,185 1,009  
  Paraguay 17,988 149  
  Peru 14,183 487  
  Uruguay 1,491 114  
  Venezuela 1,259 125  
  More than one country 206,713 5,010  
  Total 365,452 12,562  

Numbers in thousands of dollars.
The table and charts reflect the cumulative total investment in each country when the investment was directed to a single country. In the cases where an investment by Avina was directed at two or more countries, it has been classified as “More than one country.”



Since 2009, Fundación Avina has maintained a strategic alliance and close relationship with Avina Americas, an independent sister organization based in Washington, D.C., dedicated to positioning in the United States the causes that both organizations promote in Latin America. This close relationship allows us to consolidate our global financial data under the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) in order to provide a picture of the sum of our joint activities. These consolidated financial results, audited by Crowe Horwath, are available to interested parties.

The majority of resources that Avina mobilizes from other sources for shared strategies flows directly to our partner organizations in Latin America. In some cases, when it benefits our allies and co-investors, Fundación Avina or Avina Americas may receive and manage co-investment funds.


The following chart illustrates the diversity of sources of funds Avina received in 2012: