Since 2009, Avina’s efforts have been focused on a portfolio of opportunities on a regional scale. These strategies are selected for their relevance to the sustainable development of Latin America and have been built together with our allies and are carried out in ways that are appropriate in the different countries where we operate.  Avina constantly assesses the most significant challenges to sustainability at a local and regional level in order to determine if there’s an opportunity—a tipping point—for changing the balance.  We also analyze whether Avina’s contribution—facilitating collaborative processes and shared agendas among key players—could make a difference. It is also necessary to keep institutional limitations in mind: Sometimes saying “yes” to one opportunity implies saying “no” to another one.

In 2012, after carrying out an in-depth study of the political, economic, social and environmental trends in Latin America for the next ten years, Avina identified what it considers to be the most relevant challenges for the region.  Avina adjusted its portfolio of impact opportunities in the region based on this analysis and an evaluation of our institutional capabilities.  Each one of the chosen opportunities represents an institutional commitment to contribute to changes of significance together with our allies over a period of five to 10 years.

Starting in 2013, Avina will scale back those activities not related to the regional opportunities for impact selected in the new institutional portfolio.  Avina’s impact strategy for each of the 15 countries where it operates will consist of the mix of regional opportunities that is most relevant for each country.

Our belief is that our focus on these opportunities will allow us to generate an even greater impact for sustainable development.  It will allow us to increase management efficiency, ensure adequate resources for each opportunity, strengthen the capacity of local teams, produce more and augment our agility in responding to needs on the ground.


The institutional portfolio for the next five-year period includes two different types of opportunities:


Opportunities in Development: In the initial phase, Avina’s actions in these opportunities will be limited to specific geographical areas. The aim is to seed collaborative processes, increase the number and diversity of allies involved, build a shared vision, incubate pilot programs, foster participatory design of programs and test an action strategy for the opportunity. Three priority opportunities are in development: the South American Chaco, Extractive Industries and Democratic Institutions.


Opportunities for Impact: These opportunities have proven potential and Avina’s added value has been demonstrated.  A critical mass of allies are involved who share a vision and priorities for national and regional action.  In these opportunities, Avina looks to scale up impact at the regional level. We currently have six such opportunities for impact in the portfolio: Access to Water, Sustainable Cities, Energy, the Amazon Biome Strategy, Migration and Inclusive Recycling.


To ensure smooth interaction between Avina and its allies, contacts and important actors in each country, Fundación Avina has a Country Liaison for every country where we operate. The Country Liaison represents our organization with multiple stakeholders and ensures the relevance of Avina’s activities in the country according to local priorities for sustainability.